2020 Healthcare Economics Summit

Free virtual event July 31, 2020

FREE Webinar:

Telehealth in a

post-COVID world

July 31, 2020, Noon - 4:30pm


Offered as part of this year's virtual 2020 Healthcare Economics Summit, Concordia University has assembled leading healthcare professionals to discuss the future of healthcare, specifically telehealth.

America spends more on healthcare than any other developed country, and yet, does not provide better health outcomes. Could telehealth be part of the solution? Has COVID-19 taught us how to do this successfully? Our keynote speaker, Dr. Steven Klasko and a panel of healthcare experts will discuss this along with giving their perspectives on: 

  • Implementing Telehealth at large provider networks in southeast Wisconsin
  • Technical challenges in Telehealth: software, database and HIPAA concerns
  • Regulatory and legal considerations
  • Patient perspective: Dissection of a customer discovery to understand telehealth needs vs. actual execution
  • Implementation: a frontline provider perspective, and what future healthcare professionals need to know
Steve Klasko

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Steven Klasko

Dr. Steven Klasko is a transformative leader and advocate for a revolution in our systems of healthcare and higher education.

As president and CEO of Philadelphia-based Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health since 2013, he has steered one of the nation's fastest growing academic health institutions based on his vision of re-imagining health care and higher education.

His track record of success at creating and implementing programs that are shaping the future of health care earned him a place on Modern Healthcare's list as #2 of the "100 Most Influential People in Healthcare" and "10 Most Influential Physician Executives" in 2018.

Read his full bio here.

Additional Paid Webinar Session 8:30am-1pm

Offered as part of this year's virtual 2020 Healthcare Economics Summit is titled "Purple Solutions to Fixing Healthcare in America."

Why is healthcare so expensive in America, and what is the solution to this out-of-control cost curve?

Republicans and Democrats can't agree, and yet, rational compromise is desperately needed. Perhaps the best solution to better healthcare in America lies between all of the political hyperbole. At this year's Healthcare Economics Summit, a collection of nationally recognized healthcare experts come together to share their thoughts and expertise on how to reform healthcare in America. Attend the event virtually and hear from a collection of nationally recognized healthcare experts who will share informed solutions on how to reform healthcare in America.

Click here to reserve your virtual seat. Participants who register for this  morning online event receive a free copy of the book, Purple Solutions: A bipartisan roadmap to better healthcare in America, along with supporting materials, including content from the presentations and helpful infographics that explain healthcare policy.