Functioning above entry level

You cannot lead others without leading yourself

Do you have a strategic vision for yourself?
Are you functioning at your highest capacity?

At Concordia University Online, we believe that you have a calling on your life. That is why we want as many people as possible to understand their personal strengths and gain the confidence needed to boldly move forward in their callings.

This 100% free course consists of an introduction and three core lessons comprised of short essays, videos, worksheets, and interactive polls. It is designed for busy professionals who want critical information in a highly digestible, low time commitment format. Best of all, the content is a cross-section taken from our one year, totally online Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership and Administration. Your instructor, Dr. Kenneth Harris, is a nationally recognized expert in personal leadership.

In this free course we will explore:

  • Internal forces such as personality, emotions, and biological factors
  • External focus such as society, work place, and education
  • Developing emotional intelligence for personal growth and strong relationships
  • Developing social intelligence to navigate complex relationships and environments