Concordia's Accelerated Program for Teacher Licensure

Earn your teaching license and your degree in one program.


The classroom is calling

Earn your teaching license and master's degree in one convenient program. 
Grow your career while helping kids thrive in the classroom. With a teaching degree, you’ll positively impact kids and make a difference in their lives. You can be proud of a career in education. At Concordia's School of Education, we value and welcome the experience you bring to the program. Earn a Wisconsin teaching license and master’s degree in one combined, online, two-three year program. 
If you do not yet have a bachelor's degree, check out Project INVEST.

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Paths to match your experience and interests

If you already have a WI teaching license, you can enroll to earn a MS in Education-Teaching and Learning and add-on licensure in one of the following:

  • English as a Second Language (ESL) Licensure (WI DPI #1395)
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) and Bilingual Licensure (WI DPI #1395 and #1023)
  • Gifted and Talented Licensure (WI DPI #1013 and #5013)
  • Alternative Education Licensure (WI DPI #1952)

If you do not yet have a WI teaching license, you can take this program to earn a MS in Education-Teaching and Learning and your first licensure in the following:

  • Early Childhood Initial Licensure (birth-3rd)
  • Elementary Education Initial Licensure (4k-9th)
  • Secondary Education Initial Licensure (K-12th, and 4th-12th)
  • Special Education Initial Licensure (4k-12th )

Perfect for working adults

  • Classes are small, and students receive personal attention from faculty, who are practicing teachers and administrators in local schools.
  • Online and in-person locations (like at our Concordia Center locations across the state) accommodate flexible learning.
  • Choose your own license topic based off your interests.
  • The program utilizes a portfolio-based assessment process aligned with Wisconsin state teaching standards.
  • Learn techniques to provide more opportunities for student engagement and to enhance learning.


I have a bachelor's degree with a different focus but discovered at a later time in my life that working with children is my true passion. It was time to make a career path change, and I found that Concordia was the perfect fit for me and my family. Concordia allows me to become a licensed teacher while attaining my master's degree at the same time, saving me both time and money.

Peter Kavicky, CAPTL Student

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Scholarship Opportunities

Offered to alumni, Christian school staff, and public school teachers in our partnership program, and more.                                            Fill out the form above for more info.

Teaching License + Master's Degree

A teaching license allows you to teach in the classroom. With Concordia's program, you can pick your path with a variety of WI DPI licensures and benefit your students by teaching a content area of your passion.

A master's degree gives you an extra qualification. Not only are you more qualified for the job but you'll also have a deeper understanding of classroom dynamics and strategies. Plus, teachers who earn a master's degree often qualify for salary increases and new opportunities.

Making your degree affordable

Concordia wants you to succeed and for this program to add value to your life. To make the process easier and more attainable, we've worked hard to make options available. Uncommon Scholarships are available to alumni, teachers working in a Christian school, and teachers working in our partnership schools. In addition, to assist with tuition payments, Concordia has made tuition payment plans available. Fill out the form above to speak with an admissions counselor.