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We accept all your credits and offer special scholarships to help you save even more while you finish your degree online.

Concordia University Wisconsin and Ann Arbor are here to help

If you're a student at Concordia Portland worried about where or how you'll finish your degree, we're here to help. 

  • We have no limit on the number of eligible credits you can transfer.*
  • You can finish your degree online at your own convenience.
  • We even have a special scholarship for Concordia Portland students to make degree completion even more affordable. 

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*Credit transfers are dependent upon individual transcript review.

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Scholarships and Financial Aid

If you're a current student at Concordia University Portland (CUP), you qualify for our brand new Uncommon Scholarship.

We're currently offering this scholarship to all Portland students who transfer to Concordia University Wisconsin or Ann Arbor. 

  • $200 toward eligible undergraduate courses
  • $500 toward eligible graduate courses

Scholarship dollar amounts are examples based on three-credit courses. Actual amount per credit may vary. To see which programs qualify for the scholarship, fill out the form above to be connected to an inquiry specialist.

If you are transferring from CUP, you can still use your financial aid. Here's how:

Transfers before July 1, 2020

  1. Notify CUP financial aid office
  2. Request a return of the amount to the issuer OR
  3. Request cash release of funds and pay directly to your transfer school
  4. Update your FASFA to reflect the new school

Transfers after July 1, 2020

  1. Award the funds directly to your new transfer school
  2. Update your FASFA to reflect the new school

All transfers

  • Update 2019-2020 FASFA and 2020-2021 FASFA
  • Monitor your loans and grants at the NSLDS website

Concordia Wisconsin or Ann Arbor transfer

  • Institution code 003842
  • After enrollment follow up with Financial Aid Director Kevin Sheridan at

Program Highlights

MS in Education

With many options to choose from, our MS in Education degrees prepare you to make a true difference in students.

Master of Business (MBA)

With over 15 concentrations, you can build a customized MBA that fits your career goals.

Doctorate of Education in LICI

Our cross-disciplinary doctoral program equips you to lead and make signigicant impact across vocations.  

Concordia University Wisconsin and Ann Arbor Programs

We're here to help make your transfer and degree completion as smooth as possible. We offer comparable bachelor, master, and doctorate degrees, similar to what you were studying at Concordia University Portland. Below are a few examples of those options. For an exhaustive list of all degrees, please fill out the form above to be connected with an inquiry specialist. 

  • Graduate Education Degrees
    • MS in Education  - Early Childhood Education 
    • MS in Education - Educational Administration - Principal or Director of Instruction Licensure
    • MS in Education - Educational Design and Technology
    • MS in Education - Teaching and Learning 
    • MS in Education - Teaching and Learning - ESL Licensure
    • MS in Education - Teaching and Learning - ESL/Bilingual
    • MS in Education - Teaching and Learning - Gifted and Talented Licensure
    • MS in Education - Teaching and Learning - Secondary Education Initial Licensure
    • MS in Education - Teaching and Learning - Special Education Initial Licensure
    • Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction
    • MS in Family Life 
    • Master of Science in Educational Leadership
    • MS in Student Personnel Administration in Higher Education
    • Master of Arts in Child Life
    • Doctorate of Education in Leadership in Innovation and Continuous Improvement
  • Graduate Business Degrees
    • MBA (Master of Business Administration)
    • MBA in Accounting
    • MBA in Communications and Public Relations
    • MBA in Finance
    • MBA in Healthcare Administration
    • MBA in Human Resource Management
    • MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship 
    • MBA in Management
    • MBA in Management Information Systems
    • MBA in Nonprofit Management and Leadership
    • MBA in Public Administration
    • MBA in Risk Assessment and management 
    • MBA in Sport and Entertainment Business
    • MBA in Strategic Marketing
    • MBA in Sustainability Management and Analytics 

Military and veterans

Whether you're active duty, reserve duty or a veteran, we accept and offer a variety of tuition assistance programs, scholarships and financial aid support.

For more information please visit our Military and Veteran page or reach out to us directly at 262-373-8433.