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Master of Science in Leadership (MSL)

You know you want to be a transformative leader. You have the passion and motivation, so let's make it a reality and move to the next level of leadership.

Concordia's online MSL program fits any individual from any background. Build your power skills and evidence-based decision-making capabilities, and graduate as a growth-minded leader who inspires others to do more and be more for themselves and their organizations.



Entrance exams like the GRE and/or GMAT
are NOT required to apply. 

100% online

Coursework and discussions with your peers
and faculty are conducted online.

Program Schedule

With 8-week terms, you can complete this
master's degree within two years or sooner.

Get the information you need

Take the next step into your future


Learn through courses and hands-on experiences

Improve your people skills to effectively interact and lead in various situations in any industry. These are the "people skills" that organizations are seeking to manage change, build diverse and equitable environments, improve performance, and navigate ever-changing workplaces.

Learn to utilize an evidence-based decision-making process for an organization, its employees, and the culture. Data-driven decisions provide clearer objectives and goals, and come with less risk for you and the organization. In your capstone project, you will research and find solutions to a problem you have chosen that aligns with your profession. 

During the program, you will interview a respected leader from an industry that aligns with your career goals and interests. Gain insight and valued expertise on the leadership practices and theories that do and don't work within organizations.

The MSL program utilizes a cohort format with two start dates during the calendar year. Being a student in a cohort provides you with more opportunities to learn, collaborate, and network. The 2024 cohorts are scheduled to start in January and June.

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credits required
cost per credit
transfer credits

Transfer up to 15 graduate credits.
Your transcript will be reviewed by the program
director during the admission process.

Affording your graduate degree

Concordia's new payment plan allows you to break tuition into automatic monthly payments

Scholarships and financial aid are available for qualifying students

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