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Online business doctoral program

Go to the highest level and earn a Doctorate of Business Administration at Concordia University. Learn how to utilize research to make decisions that directly impact organizations and employees. Work on your ability to lead different situations and individuals with integrity and expertise. Your cohort relationships will positively impact your skills to collaborate, network, and adapt.

Our 3-year online DBA program requires two in-person residencies on our campus in Mequon, WI. You'll meet your cohort and professors at the beginning of the program, and then complete all subsequent coursework online. The final residency is at the end of the program before you complete your dissertation.

Choose your DBA concentration:

As the world changes the way we do business needs to pivot. With a doctorate in sustainability, you'll learn a variety of methods used in the assessment of environmental risks, and you'll practice innovating sustainable solutions in order to implement strategies in the real world that generate value and increase competitiveness in your sector. 

A DBA in finance will allow you to study how financial and economic theory impacts global and regional organizations. You’ll graduate well-versed in business and industry with the tools to stay current with trends while applying the concepts to organizational structure and productivity.

Learn the applied methods and theories addressing organizational improvement. Graduate with the skills you need to improve productivity and effectiveness while minimizing resistance to change at the employee, team, and organizational levels while unleashing your expertise. This is ideal for you if you see yourself in HR, learning & development, C-suite, consulting, etc

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Quick Facts

ABD Option

You'll be assigned a dissertation chair who will
support and advise you as you research, write, and edit.
We accept transfers and ABD students!

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Graduate in 3-years!
Fully online coursework with Two short in-person residencies (one at the beginning and one prior to the completion of your DBA).

Cohort format
This encourages greater learning, collaboration,
and networking with your peers
from various backgrounds and industries.
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Why Concordia?

At Concordia, we understand obtaining your doctorate is no small feat. It's impossible to go at it alone, which is exactly why we are committed to supporting you no matter where you're at in your doctoral journey. From the moment you request information, throughout enrollment and your dissertation, you'll have someone with you every step of the way. 

In fact, our DBA students are assigned a trusted advisor within a week of their residency. This gives you more personalized attention and assistance as you progress through your DBA program.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a commitment to work-life balance. Your mind, body, and spirit need attention to successfully complete the required courses and dissertation.

It is a journey of learning and growing, both professionally and personally.

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Cost Per Credit

Funding your DBA

Concordia's payment plan allows you to break tuition into automatic monthly payments

Scholarships and financial aid are available for qualifying students.

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Credit breakdown

Year 1
Required Courses Credits
Introduction to Scholarship 3
Organization Learning, Performance, & Change 3
Concentration Course 3
Dissertation Seminar & Advising 1
Statistics for Research 1
Quantitative Research Design 3
Concentration Course 3
Dissertation Seminar & Advising 1
Total Credits 20
Year 2
Required Courses Credits
Innovative & Entrepreneurial Leadership 3
Scholarship Inquiry 3
Qualitative Research Design 3
Dissertation Seminar & Advising 1
Doctoral Research & Writing I 3
Concentration Course 3
Doctoral Research & Writing II 3
Dissertation Seminar & Advising 1
Total Credits 20
Year 3
Required Courses Credits
Doctoral Research & Writing III 3
Concentration Course 3
Servant & Ethical Leadership 3
Dissertation Seminar & Advising 1
Business Intelligence & Predictive Analytics 3
Quantitative Business, Quality Management & Productivity 3
Dissertation Seminar & Advising 1
Dissertation DBA Capstone 3
Total Credits 20

Frequently asked questions

The dissertation will typically range from 100 -  300 pages, it depends on your research topic and how you plan the study. The dissertation is divided up into five chapters. Intro, literature review, research methods, results, and discussion. You will walk with your faculty advisor to plan every step of your dissertation, so it's not a daunting project. 

To be admitted into the DBA program, applicants must:

  • No GMAT or GRE required
  • Submit an application
  • Master’s degree with a focus in business or another relevant degree from a regionally accredited institution
  • Obtained a minimum 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale 
  • Submit official transcripts from undergraduate and graduate coursework.
  • Provide supporting evidence that you have completed an intermediate-level statistics course (MBA 510 or equivalent), or have equivalent work experience.
  • Submit a resume or CV, and a list of references.
  • Option to participate in a video-conference interview.
  • Applicants for whom English is a second language must provide English proficiency. 


Admission to the DBA program is governed by policies and procedures developed by the Batterman School of Business and Concordia University of Wisconsin. The University reserves the right to refuse admission or readmission to any prospective study or re-enrollment to any student. Any applicant who intentionally withholds pertinent information or falsifies information may be required to withdraw from Concordia University. The University and the Batterman School of Business reserve the right to make necessary changes to admission requirements without notice.

The DBA is a competitive admissions process. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the DBA program. Concordia University of Wisconsin and the Batterman School of Business may request additional documentation to evaluate a candidate’s record before a final admissions decision can be made.