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Earn your bachelor's degree & elementary teaching license online

Our accelerated teaching licensure program is a fully online teacher education program that leads to a Wisconsin license to teach Kindergarten through 9th grade. Or maybe you want to concentrate on a specific area of teaching, then a special education (cross-categorical) license for K-12 is the right fit for you. And that's an accelerated bachelor's degree program too!

Schedule your courses to complete this accelerated program in three years or at the pace you prefer.

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Gain classroom skills through our practicum and student teaching courses.

Over the course of the program, you will engage in clinical field experiences at elementary schools. This is also known as working "in the field" or fieldwork. Semesters one through five of the teaching program involve more observational fieldwork.  And in your final semester, you will be student teaching in a K-9 classroom.

A background check is required to observe and teach in a classroom. Students need to have a cooperating teacher in a regular school. This supervising teacher needs a valid teaching license with at least three years of experience and has been in their current school for a year. We help you find the perfect fit for your student teaching.

Overview of Teacher Accelerated Programs