FREE session

Learn about Lutheranism in under an hour!

During our brief time together, we will follow the history and theology of Lutheranism from the reformation to Missouri. We will highlight the people and stories that have made Lutheranism what it is today.

Why is it important to understand Lutheranism?

Understanding Lutheranism is important for several reasons. Lutheranism is a major branch of Protestant Christianity with a rich history and theological tradition. By gaining insight into Lutheranism, individuals can better comprehend the broader tapestry of Christian beliefs, practices, and denominations.

Who should watch this session?

Anyone who wants to learn about either the history of Lutheranism or what it means to be Lutheran. This course is open to any and all religions and denominations within religions. 

Why should I watch this FREE session?

Knowledge of Lutheranism helps us appreciate the theological concepts it introduced, such as justification by faith alone and the authority of scripture, which have had a profound influence on Christianity as a whole.