Master's in Information Technology: MSIT Degree

Learn core elements of IT leadership while practicing the latest technology advancements

Information Technology

Take the next step in your career with a MSIT degree from Concordia

IT professionals are known as the problem-solvers and backbone of any business infrastructure. CUW's Master's in Information Technology program is designed to meet the needs of current IT professionals and any who enjoy using technology to help people and businesses solve real-world problems. We provide you with the mission-critical knowledge and ethical, interpersonal skills needed to understand computer systems and their relationship to a multitude of business problems.

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Program features

  • 39-credit program, with 8-week long courses offered either on-campus or online, can be completed in less-than 2 years
  • Students with undergraduate degrees in CS, IT, or closely related fields may receive credit for Introduction to Informatics, resulting in a 36-credit program
  • Ethics and vocation are central themes in the program showing how a Christian professional responds to the needs of clients, users, and society
  • In addition to hardware and software, we focus on the role of people as the critical element in any IT system
  • Faculty have decades of both industrial and educational experience
  • Have at least 1-year of full-time related experience and an undergrad GPA of 3.0? You qualify for regular acceptance to this Master's program
  • Unrelated-experience but interested persons seeking conditional acceptance are encouraged to discuss the situation with the program director

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  • Instructional Designer
  • Network Architect
  • Web Administrator
Student Services

Adult Learner Scholarships

We’re excited to offer four new uncommon scholarships exclusively for adult and post-traditional learners.

Ranging from $150-$500 per three-credit course, these scholarships can be applied to a variety of programs and are available to:

  • Employees of our corporate and academic partners
  • Concordia alumni
  • Employees of qualifying Christian schools and churches.
Scholarships are available for all qualifying enrolled students.