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Online bachelor's in education

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Living on campus and taking a traditional 4-year program is not for everyone. Our fully online accelerated program will help you build a meaningful career and make a positive difference in the lives of students.

Online courses can be taken at your own pace during our 8-week sessions. You can also customize the student teaching experience according to your location and convenience. 

Now you just need to select the right degree path for you!

Online degree pathways

Online bachelor's in early childhood education (ECE) - Project Invest

Our virtual bachelor's in elementary education program will prepare you to work with children through the third grade. Our ECE program has a virtual format meaning classes meet weekly via Zoom with a set class time and live instruction from your professors. 

  • Virtual classes meet once a week
  • WI DPI Approved
  • Accelerated 8-week courses
  • Project Invest consortium school partnerships to help you save on your degree
  • Eligible for Uncommon Scholarships
  • Graduate in as little as 3 years with transfer credit

Online bachelor's in elementary education

Our fully online bachelor's in elementary education program will prepare you for versatile teaching experiences for students in kindergarten through their freshmen year in high school. Our program will prepare you to teach cross-categorically, so you'll graduate ready to empower students in their primary education. Classes do not have a set meeting time, which means you work through the curriculum at your own pace.

  • Fully online bachelor's
  • WI DPI Approved
  • Student teaching near you
  • Accelerated 8-week courses
  • Graduate in 3 years
  • Option to attain Cross Categorical Special Education for K-12 license

Online bachelor's in secondary education

Our online bachelor's in secondary education will prepare you to teach 4th-grade students through their senior year in high school with a concentration in either English and Language Arts, Social Studies, or Special Education. Classes are asynchronous so you can work the curriculum requirements around your schedule needs. 

  • Fully online with student teaching near you 
  • WI DPI Approved
  • Accelerated 8-week courses
  • Graduate in 3 years
  • Choose your concentration pathways:
    • English and Language Arts
    • Social Studies
    • Cross-Categorical Special Education

Small class sizes mean individual attention from faculty who are practicing teachers and administrators in local schools.


Our degree options allow you to tailor your bachelor's in education towards your dream career without having to quit your current job. Transfer in up to 84 undergraduate credits.

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Gain in-person classroom skills through practicum and student teaching.

Over the course of our program, you'll have fieldwork experiences through practicum and student teaching. In the beginning, the work is observational and later allows you to move into a leadership role as you develop during your student teaching. 

Background checks are required before you begin practicum or student teaching experiences. You will need a cooperating teacher in a regular school with a valid teaching license, at least 3 years of experience, and they need to have been in teaching in their current building for at least a year.

Concordia is happy to discuss fieldwork with you and help you find your placement.

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