female and male students in graduation robes celebrating their doctor of pharmacy degrees

Pre-pharmacy program

A clear path from high school to your PharmD

As a high school student, you already know you want to pursue a career as a pharmacist. That is ambitious and Concordia University wants to help you achieve that goal with our custom path to a Doctor of Pharmacy, which we call Early Assurance.

It's the perfect opportunity to build your future as a pharmacist and earn your PharmD! Apply your determination and willingness to serve in healthcare as a pre-pharmacy student at Concordia University.

Complete your pre-pharmacy coursework (or undergrad studies)

Earning your bachelor's degree in public health (pre-clinical track) or pharmaceutical sciences
is the optimal choice for early assurance students at Concordia
Undergraduate: Complete your pre-pharmacy coursework in 2 or 3 years at Concordia University (Wisconsin or Ann Arbor)
PharmD: Complete an additional 4 years to earn your Doctor of Pharmacy at Concordia Wisconsin

Benefits to earning early assurance into pharmacy school

You will be a student in the school of pharmacy upon completion of your undergraduate pre-pharmacy studies.

(You need to maintain requirements during your undergrad years to stay eligible for early assurance.)

You will not interview with pharmacy faculty again as an undergrad, you already did that as a high school student!

And you do not have to take the PCAT to progress into Concordia's pharmacy program.


Our dedicated and caring faculty will help you discover your early pharmacy interests.


Your admissions counselor offers continued support as you progress through the early assurance program. 

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