Earn a Master's in Natural Products Science

Become a trusted expert in the emerging industry of natural products. Lead the way toward continued development and discovery with this one-of-a-kind degree.

In this online program, you will dive into the science and business of natural-based products. Learn to optimize current offerings and identify new opportunities found in nature.

From natural medicines, cannabis-derived products, herbal supplements, and essential oils there is more to learn. With this degree, you can help ensure natural products are safe and effective for every consumer.

Select a concentration that is right for you.
  • Medical Cannabis
  • Nutraceuticals
Discover the "what, why, and how"
of natural medicines.

Manageable program with courses
scheduled in 8-week & 16-week formats


Our online program can be
completed in 2 years.

We have an interdisciplinary team of scientists and healthcare experts whose scholarly interests come together around this subject.

Chris Cunningham, Associate Professor, Program Director



Help use cannabis to improve and manage health

This concentration will expand your knowledge of medical marijuana and its cannabinoids. There is great potential for medical cannabis as it contains more than 100 other cannabinoids that need to be explored for their benefits and effects.

Concentration-specific courses

  • Medical Cannabis I - History of Medical Cannabis in the World (3 credits)
  • Medical Cannabis II - Cannabis Science  (3)
  • Medical Cannabis III - Clinical Efficacy of Cannabis (3)
  • Medical Cannabis IV - Medical Cannabis in the Interprofessional Setting (3)

Enhance and expand plant-based products

Nutraceuticals continue to play a big role in nutrition, prevention, disease management, and overall health. Experts are needed to fully understand the capabilities of natural-based products, their safety, and their effect on individuals.

Concentration-specific courses

  • Nutraceuticals I - Classification & Scope (3 credits)
  • Nutraceuticals II - Discovery & Development Processes(3)
  • Nutraceuticals III - Science of Distribution (3)
  • Nutraceuticals IV - Business Aspects (3)



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Natural Products Certificate

A (12-credit) online program that can be taken in nutraceuticals or medical cannabis.


Ideal for the following professions

Doctors | Nurses | Physician Assistants | Pharmacists | Physical Therapists| Other Healthcare Providers 

terry-elinor reid professor at Concordia University

I am excited to teach students the science behind natural sources, their development, their effects on the human body, and how to take advantage of what God has placed on this earth as a source for remedies.

Terry-Elinor Reid, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Botanical and Plant-derived Drugs Market

15 billion

Growth from 2021-2026

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Credits Required
program requirements
  • Undergrad GPA 3.00
  • Resume
  • 1-page essay
  • (2) letters of recommendation
  • Official college transcripts
  • Bachelor of Science is preferred, other undergrad degrees will be considered.
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